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Power Management White Papers

Measuring Power in your Data Center 
There are many ways power has been allocated, estimated, and sometimes measured in data centers. This white paper will discuss the reasons why data center power should be measured, where power consumption should be measured, what to do with the data once it is gathered, and some of the new echnologies available.


Power Moves: Understanding what you know – and don’t know – about power usage in your data center
Managing power is critical. But where do you start? Raritan and PTS developed a new white paper that examines the myths and realities of power measurement. Learn what instrumentation helps calculate your data center power efficiency and how to set standards to align with the Green Grid.


More Power to You: Improving uptime and capacity planning through rack-level power and environmental monitoring
Today, IT and facilities managers are asking, "Am I getting enough power to my blades?" "Are there racks with excess capacity?" and "Am I getting enough cooling to those racks?" This white paper explores how intelligent rack PDUs can address these uptime and capacity planning issues.


Give Me a Break: Circuit breakers and branch circuit protection for data centers
Over the past few years, average power consumption per server has increased more than 20 percent. Also, consolidations and build-outs are causing data centers and their racks to be more and more densely packed with power-hungry IT equipment, such as blade servers. To support new, power-hungry IT equipment, especially servers, data center managers have had to deliver more power to the IT equipment rack. Over the last decade, the typical power required at a rack has increased from 2 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts.


Data Center Transformations: Simplify data center build outs, consolidations and acquisitions with IT infrastructure management solutions
Changes in information technology (IT) can be split into two broad categories. Moves, additions and changes (MAC) are day-to-day IT activities which involve adding and removing end-user personnel, changing end-user locations such as when an employee moves to a different cubicle and upgrades services. Build outs, consolidations and acquisitions (BOCA) are large-scale projects which can be very disruptive and require careful planning and implementation to maintain operations. Key considerations are the complexity and risks such data center transformations bring with them and establishing a process that ensures success. This white paper examines the BOCA process and what is required to meet IT goals and objectives and maintain business continuity.


The Distributed Enterprise: Access and Management of Remote Office IT Infrastructure
While the proliferation of branch and remote offices is a positive sign of company growth, it can be a challenge for IT staffers. While many IT staffers use remote access software to diagnose and repair branch office problems these tools are only useful if the OS and network are functioning. If the network or OS is down, additional costs in travel, time, and lost business might be incurred. This paper addresses the added value (in terms of uptime and security) of out-of-band access and control tools for branch offices, and why out-of-band should be considered a critical component of branch office networks.


{The Role of Remote Management in Assuring IT Infrastructure Uptime
The goal of maximizing systems uptime is paramount in most IT organizations. Implementing remote management solutions can provide dramatic savings in operational expenses, along with faster MTTR, increased ROI and overall IT uptime. Learn how your company can realize the business benefits of remote management solutions in this white paper from EMA.


Service Management Made Simple for Midsize Organizations
Fortune 1000 companies have traditionally led the way in IT best practices. By comparison, midsize businesses (MSBs) tend to be more conservative in their approach. The challenge for them is how to make it simple. Implementing service management at an MSB does not have to be a huge nor expensive undertaking. In this white paper, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) discusses an approach specifically for midtier companies based on Raritan’s CommandCenter® management products – CommandCenter NOC and CommandCenter Secure Gateway.

On October 5, 2009, President Obama signed executive order EO 13514 “to establish an integrated strategy towards sustainability in the Federal Government and to make reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) a priority for Federal agencies.” By identifying and using tools and practices that can target areas for improvement, federal agency data centers can not only perform more efficiently, but lead the way in reducing energy usage, helping agencies meet the objectives of the executive order. This white paper examines data center management relating to the measurement, use and saving of energy. It also suggests criteria that can help you decide whether these areas can help you achieve the goals established by EO 13514.

A period of enormous technological, corporate and legislative change looms for the data center industry. In order to negotiate the challenges presented by new requirements of resource management, reporting and accountability, budgetary constraint and operational flexibility, the monitoring of data center operations needs at the very least to keep pace with these trends. This White Paper uses the results of a survey conducted among a sample of upper-level US data center owners and operators to suggest some principles of ‘best practice’ based on how these owners and operators are approaching monitoring and reporting in their facilities and where they would most like to see improvement.

Starline Track Busway

Today’s data center managers are being asked to do more with less: to supply more computing power using less energy in a smaller space, while meeting limited budgets and maintaining mission-critical reliability. This white paper focuses on power distribution and monitoring solutions that are successfully meeting these demands.